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  "Dear distinguished guests, our auction will begin soon." The gentle and beautiful female voice echoed in the hall, and all the lights in the hall were dimmed. Only the lights on the front main stage lit up. A beautiful woman in a dark red dress had come to the stage, slightly bent down and bowed to the bidders under the stage.So Yang Kai had to throw the body far away, so that people in the stormy building would never find it.Subconsciously, she touched the dance sky to her star Luo Dalu soul guide com, finger paused on the button, after all, still didn't press it.At the same time, the son of heaven was expressionless and indifferent at the moment, so he stared at Ye Chong and said nothing. Instead, such a scene is extremely strange.

  The world of mortals is sullen, gasping for breath, sitting cross-legged on a step, using Dan medicine to restore their own consumption.99e热久久免费精品首页Because, at the moment, the stone emperor appeared."Wu Lin, don't talk nonsense." Dragon rain and snow beside but listen to nasty, she has a good relationship with Rooney, and Rooney's popularity in the legion is also very good, she was the first to invite Rooney, just to help Tang Wulin this forging room better publicity. But Tang Wulin offered such a sky-high price, which immediately made her feel extremely embarrassed.


Xu Lizhi's eyes are red, and he will rush up with a roar.Although the forgers in the audience can vaguely guess that Tang Wulin's forging should also be a special skill, they can't fully understand why Tang Wulin and He Xiaopeng choose this forging method.

"... that's what I am in your heart! Sad. " Tang Wulin a face of grief."Master Cen." YunXiaoLing whispered.Mu Chen smiled and said, "Although I have only met this child a few times, he is far more calm than his peers. If he is not sure, he should not come. He is so eager to find you today, there should be something else, otherwise he won't come to the test at night. Ask again after he finishes the test. Moreover, I have noticed that the secondary forging task he recently completed is getting more and more difficult, which is basically the limit that the secondary forger can reach. "

"Well, I'll take the golden elixir for you, even if it fails, it won't bring trouble to you, but you need to contact the family and send a guardian again." After a moment's silence, the old servant said slowly.In the jungle, Yang Kai's figure gradually infiltrated into the darkness.

"It really happened, I really found it. I have long guessed this boy's road!" Seven magic flowers constantly trembling, so mumbling openings, it seems that it would have expected this scene will happen.In that huge roar, the strong shock wave actually reduced the energy fluctuation of Jinlong's ascension to heaven by a third. Then look at that vigorously Wang Meng to flicker, directly with his own body to the blue emperor dragon ascended into heaven.