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  Cai Lao has come to the field at this time, and her eyes are slightly narrowed. She knows what is going on."Even if I can destroy this dark fairy gold, you don't have ulterior motives, do you?" Ye Chong frowned. He didn't think that the existence of this town seal was accidental.Xia Ning's petticoat is resisting Yang Kai's sun be the spirit invasion. Hearing this, she lost her mind and thought when she was exposed. She didn't know that it was because of the faint mark on her forehead that Yang Kai would doubt it.In the past, whenever the speed of Yang Kai suddenly increased, two firelights would emerge under his feet. But now, the firelights are out of sight, and even he can't feel how much vitality fluctuates. He walks and flies, without trace, fruity and natural.

  In the distance, those war slaves are all scared when they see this scene, not only because of the transformation process, but because it is really cruel for the corpse clan to act, even for people who are about to become kin, and there is no human nature at all. Some living creatures had expected to be treated differently if they were transformed into corpses after death, but they didn't even have such an opportunity.av狼最新网址Leaf heavy frown, nodded his head after a while.Tang Wulin can swim, but it is too difficult to face so many sea animals crossing the sea. What's more, on the other side of the sea, it is still the fortifications of the North Sea Corps. He has no doubt that when he goes ashore, he will face the soul-guided guns of the North Sea Corps.


CenYue with Tang Wulin also then go out, once again came to the soul guide elevator side, and YunXiaoLing take the same elevator downstairs, but he pressed the button on the third floor.However, in order to win, he had to do so. Only in this way can we ensure victory.

There is no need to pry at all, just sit here and you can hear a lot of news. Because now too many people have gathered here to discuss the present situation."Go out with ShiShu. I'd like to see how that boy got out of that fog! " Meng Xingyuan, with a snort of cold, doesn't worry. As long as the fog is still around the periphery, fighters under the real yuan territory don't want to leave unless there is a flying treasure.The third point is that for our own consideration, the cultivation of pneumatic environment is not just meditation. Only through the hardships of life and death can we grow up quickly.

With such an invincible blow, many emperors and heroes in the field were crushed to the ground with a bang. They looked pale and stared at the front, looking embarrassed to the extreme.Yang Kai suppressed the severe pain from all parts of the body, gritted his teeth tightly, and the whole person's body kept trembling. At this moment, he couldn't help but give birth to a sense of frustration to collapse. The great pressure from the body made him tottering and unable to resist.

Now that I think about it, this young man didn't leave after killing Jin Hao. I'm afraid he had already been prepared, just waiting for Zi Mo to take the bait."What? A ticket costs a hundred thousand sacred stones, why don't you grab it! "