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  Sima Lanxiao's voice was full of bewitch. At his proposal, the number of people on the dance floor finally increased.GuYueNa way: "just buy some food! Eat casually at home, sometimes go out for a walk and have a look. Sometimes I play with Xiaocui. "What are you doing?Suddenly, a strange laugh came. Hearing this strange laugh, Yang Kai's hair stood on end involuntarily, not scared, but the sound was really ugly, which made his insides churn.

  The height of hundreds of meters is nothing for him at all. When he fell about 60 or 70 meters, he stepped on the fortress with his right foot, and people have jumped out like arrows, moving sideways like lightning, with Gu Yue galloping away into the distance.ww日韩Everything in the body is presented as light gold, and it is harmonious. In the abdomen, the soul force of perfect integration of gold and white drives the force of blood to hover and reciprocate, which turns out to be a whirlpool.Dai Yuner, although only the Fourth Ring Road is cultivated, is a twin soul, with unique soul eyes and soul of the royal family, and the ghost cat. The two souls make her cultivate to be no less powerful than the general soul king.


As he spoke, he stood up and came to the huge salted tuna.But obviously, none of these people are weak, and everyone is a strong one, which is unimaginable.

Lin Song shook his head, "I don't want you to be like MoJue. I have made up my mind. "At this moment, he can also clearly feel that the feeling of the passing of life is spreading in his body. This feeling is not the first time he has experienced it."This is a large array, and the people of the corpse family have been arranging it all the time. I didn't expect to come here directly!" Yang Feng was unlucky, because he was also invited by the strong corpse clan. Seeing this scene, his face turned black.

There are three bombs in car No.4, which are in different positions. He did the same thing with the fastest speed and solved the second one. Just as he jumped on the third bomb. One of the gangsters who heard the screaming at the back has already entered the No.4 car."What are you doing mysteriously?" The original grace glanced at him. Two days have passed, and her anger has subsided. After all, Xie Xie really didn't mean it that day. Moreover, Xie Xie's courtship later that day changed her mentality.

This is the promotion of actual combat from the experience of ascending to Lingtai for more than three months.In the face of the eagle wing chop, Tang Wulin curled up in the air, hands a minute, a hold up. Xie yinling only felt a strong force coming, and his eagle wing chop suddenly changed from a flat hit to a slap.