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  A man with the captain's logo has been greeted by more people, including two huge mecha up to 10 meters.At least from the realm, the leaf weight is not comparable to that of Dugu Ba.The peak of the four foreign holy emperor yelled at the moment is folded, one by one anxious.Hearing the noise, Yang Kai paused and listened carefully. A moment later, Yang Kai's facial expression changed and he quickly ran in the direction of the sound source.

  "Thank you." Dance the sky to Shen Yi nodded seriously. As he spoke, he carefully picked Tang Wulin up from Gu Yue's leg and held him in his arms. A layer of light blue mask was released from the armor of the ice bucket, blocking all the airflow outside. After nodding towards Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan, they strode toward the outside.x8ccc春暖花开"Let's go too!" The strong on the Terran side also reacted when they saw this scene. How could they watch their own people being besieged? At this moment, everyone is gnashing their teeth and yelling to kill.At this position, the huge temple can't see the whole picture. From this position, you can only see a huge stone gate with hundreds of feet high and dozens of feet wide. This stone gate seems to be built for ghosts and gods. Terrans are like ants in front of this huge stone gate.


In this big forest, his perception is the most acute. Through the mutual connection between the bluegrass and the surrounding plants, he can vaguely feel something that others can't feel, such as the fear of plants.The ancient emperor sighed and looked at Nian Ruowen, who refused to give up at the moment. After all, he raised a finger and ordered it to the front. (83 Chinese website www.shushu8.com)

The pike supported the ground, and he didn't even have a weapon to resist.At this moment here, in addition to these kings in mid-air, I don't know how many people are paying attention to the exit of the small world, looking forward to the emergence of Ye Chong.The starry sky chess is really mysterious. Just now, when those teenagers were afraid to fight, they didn't appear at all, but now it has changed again.

"You lost, I also lost. You're right. I can't do it. I can't kill him. So I can only leave him and let time and distance dilute our love for each other. Perhaps, only in this way, I will kill him inadvertently one day. Or he grows up fast enough to kill me one day. You know, the contradiction between us is irreconcilable, which is the contradiction between human beings and spirit beasts, and also the contradiction between gods and beasts. Neither he nor I can resolve the contradiction. ""Ha ha ha, self-created system, invincible realm, everything today will be mine!" Win all laughed, at the moment, a strong hand, offering a corpse king decree, at the moment he wants to control everything in the field, to suppress Ye Chong and understand everything about him.

In another starry sky, the chaotic gods confronted the doomsday emperor, and the two sides fought for life and death, reaching the depths of the universe.In the end, Ye Chong and Ling Yue teamed up to arrange a large array. This large array and the ancient law are fused together, which can gently migrate the remains without hurting their origin.