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  Soul shock release, Gu Yue eyes light but looked at Dai Yuner calmly. Dai Yuner suddenly felt that his spirit seemed to rush into a sea, and then it was swallowed up by the sea in an instant. At the same time, there seemed to be a huge vortex in the sea, absorbing his spirit crazily, and completely falling into it.All the people in the war zone and the Emperor on the rostrum jumped up almost at the same time.Tang Wulin shook his head. "The teacher didn't say anything, but he said to let me test it, and then I could take some jobs."Xie Xie said with a wry smile, "I don't quite understand the teleporter, but look at the side below the city wall. It should be a super teleporter battery array. I don't need to say what this thing does. "

  At this point, the trial practice of the Holy Market has reached the end. Those who don't have the courage to set foot on the battlefield, to a certain extent, have lost the qualification to continue the trial practice.b8yy私人影院A片免费无码In the distance, waterinfo took a step forward, holding the heavenly sword, and a big sun appeared on the sword body, and a big star wrapped around it, carrying the bright Milky Way and so on.He couldn't help frowning at his fat opponent with a smile on his face.


How is that possible ...Around the strong are speechless at this moment, especially those male disciples feel Ye Chong is too shameless to pretend to be the son.

The red mecha, which played against Cai Lao, flickered away. It was extremely fast and coiled in the air for a week. It blocked a lot of pursuit attacks.The ground is covered with dust, and these things are obviously covered with dust.This action is meaningless, but it accelerates the consumption of real yuan in his body.

As long as a little attention, he can vaguely see the molecules of various elements in the air. At the same time, Tang Wulin found that his spirit has also improved a lot. In the cloud of those elements, there should be something exclusive to spiritual attributes.By the word "fighting armor", they finally have their own titles. The combination of Wu soul and lover's name.

Gu Yue gawk at him, tears no longer flowing.From the beginning of this competition, he has been forbearing. For the sake of the team and partners, he has never shown his true strength. From beginning to end, he remained in the best condition. It's not that he doesn't want to fight, he also wants to show his strongest strength, but he can't. As a captain, he should consider the whole team.