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  "I'm afraid this forbidden device is made from the demon emperor who died in Wanyaoshan through the ages. It is far more powerful than imagination and can hardly be speculated." If Wen speaks softly, he looks very ugly."Crystal, crystal, deviation!" He didn't pay attention to the ice wheel in the air. It flew too slowly to pose a threat to him.Tang Wulin ha ha a smile, "there are more people than me."Picked up his own soul guide com, Tang Wulin reluctantly connected the signal amplifier he bought with meritorious service, and then dialed the number of Gu Yuena. Without this signal amplifier, there is no way to communicate with the outside. But every time you use it, you have to pay for it, and it will be monitored by the legion to avoid the problem of military secrets leaking.

  "hmm." Gu Yue gently nodded his head.67149smcon免费视频"But I still don't think so. I don't trust many of you. If someone can't help but make a move when I get to the place, wouldn't I be finished?" Ye Zhong was very passive and didn't want to lead the way at all. "I have said many times, I can't trust you!"Chapter eight hundred and ten Air capture


In the rear, the strong with the Supreme Emperor originally wanted to help two people, but soon found that the space around them was no longer stable. If they rashly joined the war, it would probably be too late to make moves, and they would fall into the Jedi.Tang Wulin and his friends didn't move, just silently watching Xu Yucheng rush over.

"Why are you such a smelly boy!" Turn over and stand up. Isn't this Jiang May? Tang Wulin recognized him when he released Wu Soul.Suddenly, Tang Wulin's golden light was shining, his breath rose like a geometric multiple, his golden light flashed, and the dragon pattern on the surface of the golden dragon gun in his hand even emerged as a looming golden dragon.Originally, she had been promoted to a senior colonel, and she was simply demoted because of an impulsive act.

Shrek's team has participated in the competition. After all, it is only the initial preliminaries. Except for Tang Wulin, who is unlucky, other opponents are not particularly strong. Gu Yue didn't sign up for the competition, so she stayed in the war zone and stayed with Tang Wulin.Xu Xiaoyan smiled sweetly. "Thank you for your praise."

As he spoke, he waved to Tang Wulin. Suddenly, a sense of dizziness appeared. Tang Wulin only felt that the surrounding scenery changed rapidly, the houses disappeared, and the comfortable environment disappeared. When he recovered from dizziness, he found that he was down-to-earth and where he was, which was the place where he had just arrived in the valley. Not far away, he saw his friends.Leaf heavy look dignified, this suspected fairy road, suspected of connecting endless time and space, slowly twisted at the moment, and then a huge crack broke out in the void. In a trance, he seemed to see a lot of ancient bodies.