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  Everyone wants to board the hidden island, but there is always no way. But now, this opportunity has befallen Yunxia Sect, so Yunxia Sect will send out elite, and even send out two experts in fugue to take a look at the hidden island."You are deceiving others too much!" Xia Ningshang never gave in."Does this mean that the magic statue is not dead, or does it mean that the magic statue has fallen?" This area is so noisy that many people don't understand it.However, although ready to make moves, Ye Chong and his party were not in a hurry to make moves, but watched all the developments indifferently in the dark.

  Just now, this 51-year-old boy, regardless of his strength, is quite tough just because there is still time to control this whimsy! Shrek College is really a hidden dragon crouching tiger. No wonder we lost to them. Unfortunately, that guy doesn't seem to have come back yet. If only he were here!4438x免费手机When the body shook, Yang Kai became stiff, and he couldn't even move his lower eyelids, as if he had lost control of his body."The federal military has set up an investigation team to investigate the reasons for the disappearance of two custom-made soul-guided shells. The commander-in-chief of the army said that the murderer would be found at all costs. This inhuman tragedy is unprecedented in the mainland. The military deeply mourned for the victims. "


"Don't talk, someone is coming!" Yang Kai held Xia Ning's petticoat in one hand and told him softly.However, at this time, a scene that everyone did not expect appeared.

"Let's go, since we have reached this step, how can we turn back!" Leaf sighed, and then a wave of his hand, should walk into this piece of ghost battlefield.The sky is double and the original grace shines at night."I will prepare a little, and it will officially start in about two hours." Tang Wulin wanted to think and said. Before it's too late, all four kinds of spiritual objects are back, and he doesn't have any particularly good storage methods. It's best to make a breakthrough as soon as possible.

"Yes, teacher!" Tang Wulin quickly respectfully promised.Tang Wulin looked at him. Needless to say.

A proud snow flower couldn't help laughing when he saw this. These two guys originally wanted to pick the fruits of victory, but they didn't expect to end up like this. If they knew that their fate would be like this, I don't know if they would kill them eagerly.For him, eating is definitely one of the most important things in a day.