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  To put it simply, this is the means used by some forces against the Terran in the Four Wastelands, so that the geniuses in the Four Wastelands can't live for a long time, and they should die outside the city until the day when Ma Ge is buried.Tang Wulin eyes a bright, "good! Later, we can play in the Star Wars Network. " He is worried that he has no opponent. Jiang Mayu said that he would not fight him again. It would be a rare good thing to have Mashan as an opponent who is above himself to fight together.Many people who have offended Ye Chong's race and orthodoxy are shaking up at the moment. Just now Ye Chong asked them to stay, but they were afraid to leave. At this moment, even it was too late to leave, because Ye Chong's means of this guy was too amazing, and all the people present were not necessarily his opponents.There was a silence when I heard about the existence of the two saints. After a while, the saints in white robes nodded slightly and said, "Since you want to make amends to my emperor, then the two of us won't blame you young people. After all, this place has not been born for many years, and you think it is too much to be a dusty place."

  Everyone is just standing in the field. What turned into blood fog was the killer Shenting, a killer with terrible strength, but he didn't even have the strength of backhand, so he was killed by Ye Chong flat and agile. It can only be said that how extraordinary and terrible is a character like Ye Zhong?丝瓜AV视频Not sure! Recalling Yang Kai's sudden strength, Zi Mo judged in her heart.Tang Wulin some eager way: "elder, can you help us to see my partner first, he ..." As he spoke, he has carefully picked up Le Zhengyu from Xu Xiaoyan.


"Not good!" Student No.1 has never encountered such a wonderful scene. All his abilities are in the soul. His lion mastiff is really strong. However, when the ontology was attacked, he was somewhat defenseless."Really think we are good humiliate? Just a bunch of waste, want to get through this? " Wu Houdao sneered, and nine runes appeared on his head at the same time. The runes contained a trace of the secret, just as he had inspired a trace of the secret at the moment, so he needed the help of the power of heaven.

At the same time as the third soul skill was released, a huge ice wall was already erected in front of her.Moreover, this is not only one or two pieces of two-character armor, but a full set of two-character armor! ... friends who read books, you can search ""and find this site in the first time.In the world of war, the ultimate temple is completely manifested at this moment. This temple is ancient and sacred, full of sadness of years. No one knows what is inside it, and there are too many legends about it, but anyone who can enter it can get great benefits, and those who can finally step into the ultimate temple will have the opportunity to get the legendary ultimate nature.

"If you want to die, I'll give you a ride. It's not like I haven't been slaughtered." Ye Chong looked up, his last rune fell, and the road wound in his body was temporarily blocked."This is a fair fight. Are you waiting for me?" Above the sky, Iron Star spoke indifferently, just raising my hand, and directly swept out with a big hand, directly sweeping the bodies of those who wanted to intervene in this world war I to the outside world.

"It's really cruel to kill an ethnic group that is somewhat closely related to them. It is said that even mortals have not been spared, so aren't you afraid of suffering from the scourge?" People like Wu Hou were so shocked when they heard the news that they could hardly speak.These wind blades came too suddenly, a total of twelve. Under the cover of the snowstorm, they have no warning.