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  "Master Cen." YunXiaoLing whispered.Xie Xie flicker, quickly hugged her body, but at that time, it is a charming feeling all have no, it is a sad attack on my heart.For the third time, Ye Zhong closed the door again. This time, he didn't lead heaven and earth to refine himself, but let the Heaven Emperor refine the six sacred palaces with fire, while his flesh was vaguely palace, and he wanted to contain something inside.There was a silence when I heard about the existence of the two saints. After a while, the saints in white robes nodded slightly and said, "Since you want to make amends to my emperor, then the two of us won't blame you young people. After all, this place has not been born for many years, and you think it is too much to be a dusty place."

  "Be careful!" He drink, at the same time, the second soul ring light up, a mouth, a white light positive spewing out, straight to Tang Wulin alongside of.seem..jlzzjlzz亚洲免费视频Retreat to the second line of defense, Tang Wulin finally saw the large-scale defense equipment. These soul guides were already prepared. Rows of defense arrays have been rapidly formed, and all personnel are all in order, and there is no panic because the abyss tide suddenly reaches level 3.She, she ...


With the shura sword in hand, Yang Kaiben's violent vitality became more and more violent at this moment, reaching an appalling level. Everyone's eyes were shaking, staring at the crimson sword.That one blue silver grass is shining with glittering and translucent luster. Tang Wulin accidentally discovered that there are thin golden lines looming in the blue silver grass roots in his palm.

Even the faraway Beihai Fairy Tugankun heaved a sigh of relief secretly every day. Because, if Qiu Daozi and Ye Chong join hands, then he will be completely hopeless if he wants to compete for the position of Heaven Emperor in this life.Tang Wulin smiled back, and Li Chushui looked foolish, only feeling that his smile seemed to be full of sunshine.Such a blow is so casual, just like killing an annoying fly, a buzzing mosquito, seemingly a powerful blow, but it seems so casual, so relaxed, without any hesitation, so it nullifies the past where the enemy is.

Stay in the war zone.In the abyss plane, each layer has an emperor, and the emperor holds the core of this layer, and the core will give it transcendental ability and status. But once the ontology dies, the core will return to its own layer with its energy wrapped around it. In the process of resurrection, it takes time. During this time, as long as other kin find it and steal its plane core, then it will really lose consciousness, and even its own energy will be swallowed up by the new king.

Such a blow, can be said to be amazing, in the eyes of many inferno strong, the world in addition to thunder magic ancient saint and feather spirit ancient saint, others simply can't accept, on such a recruit, die.The next moment, his body changed into a black tombstone with blood flowing, which fell directly from the sky and suppressed the past where Ye Chong was.