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  Needless to say, Tang Wulin Le Zhengyu and Yuan En Yehui have adjusted their direction and flew towards the island.Stand up, relax, pay the meritorious service of coffee and walk out of the rest area.Such as two fugue old guy stepped into the cabin, Yang Kaicai involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief.However, Yu Xiuping's words obviously aroused the enthusiasm of these people, and several people were not busy recovering. All of them were silent and went to the Shimen together.

  Behind a pair of silver dragon wings open, also smaller than Tang Wulin's dragon wings, but on her wings, there are 18 silver gems shining like concealed light. When her body armor appeared, various elements in the air became obviously active, and naturally gathered around her body, which made her more colorful halo.caoporen超碰人人97Obviously, this place is not as dangerous as imagined, but countless times more dangerous than imagined. If he approaches rashly, he will die and lose everything if he is not careful.Everyone is a little reaction not to be able to come over, leaf weight obviously has the absolute upper hand, but why is there a feeling of being destroyed at the moment?


This forging room is 150 square meters big, and next to it is a shelf with rare metals. Of course, it is empty now. But this forging room is more than twice as big as the general one, and the equipment inside is the most advanced, but it only charges 1000 contribution points a month. This is the privilege.As he himself said, there are still many things to be settled in the three thousand gods, and everything can't end like this. And his enemy in the three thousand gods is definitely not simple. If he has the opportunity to embark on a road that no one else has taken, then he will never give up, but will strive to embark on this road.

"However, Wan Yaoshan's pulse probably won't care about this. They will definitely make a big move. Maybe we can see the scene of nine demon emperors coming out of Wan Yaoshan in the future!"The breath after the explosion of the Holy Soldiers and the dark red wave encounter, at this moment, there are unimaginable gods who can spread out, as if hundreds of stars burst together and disappeared into the sky."Sun Daojing!"

From the outside, it's really nothing compared with the complete simulation of the Ascending Platform. There are still quite a few places where this system needs to be improved. But as long as the existence of artificial intelligence is considered, these are not so important."This possibility is really high. After all, they all have no wounds, and they seem to be full of hatred before they die." Ye nodded and said, "Are you going out in person or are you trapped here?"

It is strange and superior for students to leave the college during class. Five people in Class Zero all feel this way more or less."That's right!" Yang Kai nodded.