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  "The peak of fugue?" Someone was shocked. "Is he the head of peak tower?"There is no energy fluctuation, that is to say, this is not a large soul guide, but a pure alloy.Tang Wulin nu way: "let you call you hurry up. I'm not sure what happened, but it feels really wrong. Hurry up, we will all gather on Poseidon Island. "In the other direction, there is a statue of a trainee who fights out and enters another blade.

  However, in front of the BM-level soul mentor group, their proud huge bodies can only be fragmented under heavy artillery bombardment. Can't rush to the crowd. Moreover, because of their huge size, they are also particularly taken care of by fire. In the fierce roar, there is constant hatred falling.992ty免费视频"What are you from? How dare you pretend to be Lord Xuan! " The strong man vomited blood. He vaguely felt something was wrong, but he couldn't see anything was wrong.Did Huo Yuhao ever fail to recognize the pun in the words of South Water? But he can only pretend to be confused with understanding. A respectful way: "Thank you, auntie."


Ah Ruheng feels carefree, so is Tang Wulin. Since he absorbed the tenth seal of the Golden Dragon King, he has never met an opponent in strength. This time, he met one who can completely suppress him in strength, so that he can truly burst out of his own strength. Therefore, although the two collisions fell into a disadvantage, his blood of the Golden Dragon King was like being ignited."No, I'll confirm my identity with adult Xu Shengqun." Gu Yue refused directly.

There are also some peak emperors whose breath is like eternal ice, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable, almost frozen.It was Yali who asked them to call it that, not corona.Tang Wulin said, "At the Blood God Camp."

"Come on, let's go. Just be natural. " Tang Wulin walked in the front with a smile on his face, and the others followed him. They didn't carry anything except a simple storage soul guide.After a short walk, Yang Kaihe suddenly smelled a stream of medicinal incense, and when he looked at it in the dim light, he found that there were many strange flowers and plants on both sides of the cave.

After the game, Shrek all got up and returned to the hotel without any intention of stopping.Shu Xiaoyu is a woman after all, and she can't keep up with her physical strength. If Chen Xueshu didn't often rescue her, I'm afraid she would have been injured.