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  The remaining four sovereign emperors in the territory of the strong are carrying an army, and never dare to stay. Although the treasure is touching, so many strong people have died at the moment, and God knows what will happen next.However, Yu Xiuping's words obviously aroused the enthusiasm of these people, and several people were not busy recovering. All of them were silent and went to the Shimen together.On one side, the newcomer from Daozong, named Lu Zheng, also lowered his face and said, "Young man, no matter where you are, no matter what contribution you have made, it is the most important thing to respect your predecessors!""no!" Fierce solid shout loudly, look ugly, panic to the extreme, however, at the moment, he is deeply sensed the breath in his body constantly dissipate, his flesh inch by inch fracture, the end can be said to be piercing to the extreme.

  However, it is a road to fight the heavens alone, and it is also a road to carry a group of followers to intimidate the heavens. Ye zhong has no choice on his own road, and naturally he will not mention this topic at the moment.yezhulu在线appTang Wulin's heart also sank to the bottom. Such a horrible coercion can be equated with the spirit beast for more than 100,000 years of human titles. The strength of this newcomer is simply incredible, and it is definitely the most powerful existence among the soul beasts he has ever seen."Teacher, can we not, or go out and buy it ourselves?" Tang Wulin eager way.


However, Ye Chong, who came out of nowhere, was able to confront the Thirteen Princes like this, which was beyond everyone's imagination.As soon as Wei Zhuang's face became cold, his face suddenly became ferocious. "You're brave!" he said with a smile. How dare you take advantage of me! You will pay for your words! "

Human beings, indeed as expected, are blessed, the spirit of all things.Zhou Changxi also jumped down from the upper berth, and the previous unwillingness and anger on his face have faded a lot. Hostility towards Tang Wulin has obviously decreased. The reason is very simple, and it is also because of the 34 thousand federal money.The clouds floating in the air in the distance are still pale gold. Although they are not very eye-catching, they are slightly different from the clouds farther away.

Xie Xie released Wu Soul, and the light dragon Bi was busy flashing in the palm of his hand, but he was not in a hurry to rush to Tang Wulin, but walked around the side.This alone is enough to show her strength. Tang Wulin can feel, Ye Xinglan fix for even without the fourth ring road, should also be not far away.

Anti-seismic force certainly makes them feel the surge of qi and blood, but beyond that, the Golden Dragon Gun brings Tang Wulin a feeling of jubilation and closeness, which is like meeting a fellow traveler and a close friend whom I haven't seen for years.This problem is doomed to be unsolvable. At least Ye Chong can't know the answer at the moment. After frowning for a moment, he no longer entangles this problem, but moves on.