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  "Yes, that's the place. At a certain time, there was an incomplete imperial scripture unearthed there. Although it was not complete, the ancient freak who got the imperial scripture inherited an imperial art completely." Clock from the road. This is a fact, it really happened in the past, and the person who got the Emperor's Scripture is equivalent to getting fate."Two?"However, after affirming this point, many people are also confused. You know, the demon emperor of Tianhe was really invincible in that era and invincible in the world.I love her no matter who she is.

  The bronze bird didn't deliberately do anything, but a look fell on this group of strong resin family, which made these strong resin family seem to feel that a statue of emperor was running amok all over the world.yy4800青苹果影院However, it is not easy to do such a thing. It is not bad to be able to restore several main meridians to their innate positions with ordinary exercises. However, what Ye Zhong is repairing at the moment is the legendary six-buried sword tactic that is most suitable for the cultivation of the constitution of six yin and unique pulse! Such a forging tactic is rare in the world. Even Ye Chong's strength was borne by the sky, and it was only after paying a huge price that he got this tactic! This tactic is so strong that ordinary people can't imagine it!"Don't know about that place. Our next goal is to find a way to run." Tiandaoshu is obviously very afraid of that place. When it was mentioned, it subconsciously shivered, maybe it didn't even notice it.


Mu Chen although not so, but also got a fright.However, his speed is slow. Tang Wulin wings flapping hard behind, when the other party released the seventh soul skill, he had already reached the crowd.

After a short walk, Yang Kaihe suddenly smelled a stream of medicinal incense, and when he looked at it in the dim light, he found that there were many strange flowers and plants on both sides of the cave.In a moment, the whole valley has been buried by yin qi! Summer coagulation petticoats suddenly moved, lithe and graceful, like dancing, accompanied by odd handprints, the vitality in the body is divided into countless ways, scattered in all directions.Gu Yue suddenly some shortness of shook his head, "no.. Teacher, my heart is not as firm as you think. If I continue, I am afraid it will be difficult for me to make up my mind. "

You know, the road map of Qilin came from Emperor Qilin, and Ye Zhong has not yet understood it. But today, under the scouring of the essence of life, some things in the road map of Qilin have been unsealed, which has brought Ye Zhong many benefits. Therefore, he is in an excellent mood at the moment.Ask for a monthly ticket and recommended votes. Tomorrow night. (To be continued. )

Words are very dull, but in that dull words, Xuan Lao and everyone felt a deep fatigue, which came from Huo Yuhao's fatigue.Ye Xinglan said, "I think you need to adjust your state before you merge."