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  Later, with the development of fighting armor, Shrek College changed its strategy, no longer set up a soul guide system, and focused on fighting armor. The two were separated again.This is really incredible, and the teachers are gradually reacting, and they are all stunned.Chapter five hundred and eighty-seven crow mouthThe white palm merged into a knife at this moment, and at the moment of approaching Ye Chong, the palm knife was like the wind, and it had been cut towards Ye Chong's throat.

  Gu Yue silently walked beside Tang Wulin and said lightly, "What's the big deal about beating an arrogant guy?". Let's go. "see桃影院"What the hell is going on?" Leaf weight is very curious, what is all this, how can a lonely family have such a distraction.During the day, Tang Wulin thought that Shrek College was the safest place, but at night, there was such a terrorist attack.


At the same time, something unexpected happened to Ye Chong. The sound in this picture can actually spread in this green leaf world.Ink blue when he wants to press the detonator, he desperately raised his hand to reach it. At this time, the gangster's bondage to her suddenly eased, and she grabbed the detonator with one hand. At the same time, Tang Wulin has arrived like a shell.

Dancing in the sky suddenly stepped forward and gave him a hug unexpectedly. "At least, your situation is better than mine."She asked herself that her appearance was not weaker than that of Gu Yue, and she was in the same trade with Tang Wulin, so she still had a good chance.Tang Wulin's voice also sounded in the ears of several other partners at the same time. The next moment, he whispered: "Three, two, one!"

Therefore, although the successful blind date of Poseidon Dating Conference will not bring any reward, in fact, Poseidon Dating Conference is very famous all over the continent.But the fact is in front of us, no matter how many reasons and reasons he has, no matter how much he says he didn't do his best, how to say he was careless. At least this time, he lost. Lost completely and was killed directly.

Skillfully enter the battle net and land."Well, you look carefully, this person is three thousand celestial wars Beihai fairy TuGanKun day, in the rumor that he has not died in the hands of Ye Chong? How can it appear again? "