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  Gradually, Xie Xie showed a smile on his face, because he had already thought of it, and Tang Wulin's soul force was only ten levels.Tang Wulin paused, virtually, there seems to be a voice in the body telling him something, he didn't understand, but the body was uncontrolled floating in the direction of Tyrannosaurus rex's huge head.Void vibration, deep in the ruins of the Tianmen Jedi, there is a ray of breath that seems to be about to start the world at the moment, and countless brilliance gathers at this moment and spreads to the place where the fairy cave is located.Human life is as light as a feather to him, and he doesn't care at all.

  "How can it be impossible? Do you know what is like? " Naer said angrily.bale视频This reason also makes sense, but Zhang Yang said to Tang Wulin, why not just build a purple level mecha.What makes Tang Wulin speechless even more is that the golden scales that became shiny just flashed for about two seconds and then recovered. Then nothing changed.


That is an old man, tall, but a little rickety, holding an ebony cane.The word fighting armor, first of all, should raise all their fighting armor metals to the level of spiritual forging, and then add wings. After that, it is the depiction of the legal circle.

Wind and rain floor teacher younger brother Adam's apple rolling, stupefied looking at Yang Kai, pointing at him, but how also speechless, after a few breaths, his head suddenly foaming at the mouth, neck place broke a loose blood fog."Gentlemen, no matter what your status is, you'd better keep quiet in our dry city auction." On the auction platform, the sage like type old man said coldly.Pull yourself up, "go." Tang Wulin said to the waitress.

Other people's soul force has been banned, and it is impossible to resist. It can only be put on helmets one by one and fainted to the ground respectively."No, I know where that place is. And time is running out, and the master said not to wait for him. " See Yang Kai didn't get to the bottom of it, but Xia Ning couldn't help it.

If it is in another place, this state of the original grace night glow, Tang Wulin is not willing to play with her, because he is afraid that he will stop. This kind of night glow made him feel that he couldn't beat it without going all out."no!" Fierce solid shout loudly, look ugly, panic to the extreme, however, at the moment, he is deeply sensed the breath in his body constantly dissipate, his flesh inch by inch fracture, the end can be said to be piercing to the extreme.