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  In this process, the star domain collapses, big stars fall, and many stars fall into this spiritual sea, which makes the spiritual sea vibrate.Zhenhua smiled and said, "Then I'll make the decision for the owner of the mecha and show you around. There's nothing wrong with broadening your horizons. Let's go. "In mid-air, there was a sudden burst of laughter, and the Supreme Day beat his right hand, resisting the shock wave of the fairy Qingyin, and then he bowed his head and fell on Ye Chong.The stomach began to churn. First of all, what Tang Wulin felt was a sharp pain like diarrhea.

  Each handle is five meters long, and the diameter of the hammer is two meters away, which is solid. This thing is solid!av汤姆现在的新入口是什么However, Tianyaozi's eyes are cold at the moment. He was born once and entered the holy market. At that time, he swept the world, but when he finally stepped into the ultimate road, he chose to give up and gave way to the people behind him. That man testified this morning and disappeared, but he was born again at this moment. What he is waiting for is such a correct era.When the light disappears and Tang Wulin is one leng. In the distance, a shrill cry suddenly sounded, and in the darkness, a perfect gray-black creature swayed.


According to the Accord, Ye Zhong stared at the lower part indifferently. At the moment, many people's topics turned to themselves, but this did not make him have the slightest change in look, but a bit of coldness emerged in his eyes."Well, the corpse clan is throwing caution to the wind this time, and it is suspected that the son of heaven has moved seriously. It is necessary to find Ye Chong and kill him directly!"

Eyes closed, Tang Wulin managed to slide himself into the bathtub, surrounded by a burning sensation, just like cooking in boiling water, which can no longer be described as simple pain.Who is this person? With such scheming means, it is really not to be underestimated.The hardest thing to practice is spirit! He insists on practicing the purple magic pupil every day, but with the strength of the spiritual source, the practice speed is getting slower and slower now. And just now, at least on the top of his a month of uniting the purple magic pupil accumulated spirit. Such a good thing is enough to surprise people.

The opening and ending of Chengxian Road may not be as perfect as the legend, but there may be some changes."Take me to the school gate." Gu Yue walked up to Tang Wulin and said to him.

There was an uproar on the shore. Even aboard the ship, Turbid Times couldn't help fuming, "This little bastard is openly abusing single dog. This is outrageous. Whose disciple is this? "Just then, a vine flew out and wrapped around his waist, pulling him into the tornado that had just begun to take shape.