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  No.10 student was taken aback. She took the condensed snow leopard as the guide, just looking for an opportunity to raid Tang Wulin, approaching his attack with her own speed, and not giving him a chance to control the blue silver grass.Tang Wulin, they have faced the Three-Ring Soul Master before, but only at this moment did he realize that the real Three-Ring Strong has terrible strength.Tang Wulin said nothing, just took your steps and walked away."I gather together-"

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In the jungle, Yang Kai's figure gradually infiltrated into the darkness."The eleventh level is passed."

A man with the captain's logo has been greeted by more people, including two huge mecha up to 10 meters."Seen palm to make! I have seen Ye Xiong! " In the phoenix car, a beautiful figure came out. Her figure was graceful, and she was wrapped in a faint scent of fairy dust, showing her fairy face at this moment. She is white-eyed and beautiful, and the whole person looks gentle and kind. In particular, her skin is like snow and her eyes are smart, which contains a unique charm."Water fish, a very strange name." Tang Wulin looked at her with some surprise.

Obviously, this place is not as dangerous as imagined, but countless times more dangerous than imagined. If he approaches rashly, he will die and lose everything if he is not careful."What's this? It's just a little bit of a road injury. As long as I sharpen it step by step in the future, it's a good thing for me, which shows that my path is right and has never been taken by my predecessors. " Ye Chong is so confident that he will be able to make up for the rift in the future.

The boss took them directly to a separate room in the back. The room is not small, with the appearance of 30 to 40 square meters, simple furniture, simple tables and elegant layout."It seems that it is a bit difficult for me to take the fairy's battle dress back as a souvenir today!"