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  "Leaves home less heads of families actually substitution? Who is this new Ye Ling? Why haven't you heard of it? "As the creator of the new color soul ring, the last one was Huo Yuhao, the ice bucket of the spirit, who was so powerful that he could crush me forever!Obviously, the strong Confucian Xuan who can be left in this step is absolutely the elite of the elite. The first contact between the two sides left a body all over the place.Tang Wulin only felt as if there was a force blooming in the body, and actually held his body in vain, temporarily suspended in mid-air.

  "Nothing, looking for a good let's go. But are you sure you only need these two bottles of Dan medicine? Adults said that you should find something to enhance your own strength. " Biluo asked uneasily, "Can you strengthen yourself like this?"9cao10新免费观看Tang Wulin separated qi and blood, and after breaking through the seal of the ninth Golden Dragon King, a unicorn grew on his forehead. At the same time, his body grew to 18 meters long, and he looked very slim, but he was covered with the same golden Long Lin as Tang Wulin, not just the texture. It feels like a golden dragon.However, in any case, Tang Wulin is confident in himself. Defeating this opponent will definitely deepen his understanding of the Golden Dragon Gun, which is an important part of his practice.


"Boom-"In the explosive sound, Tang Wulin stood still and took three steps back.He turned sharply, urging his own strength, and sneered: "You are too big to really think that there are no saints in the world, right? My burning family can become a great religion just because I am a saint. If this junior doesn't say anything, how can you win me alone?" Since you delivered the nine-day coffin to your door today, I'm welcome! "

Jinlong is amazing!Li Gankun looked at MoJue. "Two martial soul fusion skills? How about Wei neng? ""Cai Lao, you are too cruel." Dance the sky some teeth said.

At that moment, the earth suddenly trembled. In the sky, dark shadows suddenly appeared. These shadows were huge, and as soon as they appeared in mid-air, they immediately brought great pressure.But since Zhenhua said that, he didn't refute it. He was too eager for this victory.

However, after more than two months, Xie Xie's soul force has reached the 19th level, and then he can absorb the second soul ring in his century-old soul and become an advanced master.And those who try to practice will not be implicated, but they are not fools. Naturally, they understand that these black fogs are weird, so soon, those who try to practice are flying away from the underworld and don't dare to stay.