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  Unconsciously, she has taken the original grace night glow as her goal.Yang Kai shook his head and didn't answer, not to mention disturbing, but still looked at Sumu: "Teacher younger brother, I think you are also a courageous person, but why do you hesitate to do justice for heaven and benefit the village today? What's more, there is a brother who will accompany you. What are you afraid of? "After all, they also clearly saw that Tang Wulin's body had been trampled and collapsed, and there was so much blood on the ground.Yang Kai's psychological quality is also good. After experiencing great changes, he was shocked for a moment and then converged.

  I just separated from Yu Aoqing and them near here, but where are they now? There is fog around, no one can escape, and there are no other bodies here, so where did they go?欲女app官网With the deepening of the ruins, everything we see is more open, but strangely enough, there are no buildings in this area, even the rubble is gone, only the sand grains in one place can be seen, which are all with some faint gold and look like nothing grows."In this life, I have already passed and existed. Everything in the past and present is nothing, only immortality is the only one! Kill! "


"Please help your adults. If you can't fight a fair war and destroy Ye Chong in a fair war, I'm afraid our younger generation will have demons and will never be able to erase the stigma he left us!""Roar-"The monster suddenly opened his mouth, let out a loud roar, and the huge voices turned into terror, directly blowing Tang Wulin and Gu Yue out.

"Not quite right, the magic palace has been opened at the moment, and there is a strange breath pouring out, which is completely different from the previous way! It is useless for us to face such a breath. " Xuanwu elixir replied.The next moment, the king of this statue of the third jingu suddenly made moves, and between his fingers, Lei Guang became a bird's shadow, and came to the place where Ye Chong was.Broken old magic "Gaga" a smile, "too, the two of us are better than those guys. Speaking of which, they will soon wake up. I want to observe a moment of silence for these little guys. "

Tang Wulin was silent. Although he was young, his father had told him many things about being a man since he was very young. He could hear that this old Tang, who came from his spiritual world, said everything for his own good.Su Yan didn't say anything, just took a deep look at Yang Kai and leaned forward and returned to the room.

Even he can't do anything about Yang Kai. How can other ordinary disciples touch Yang Kai's bad luck? This led to Yang Kai, and now no one dares to challenge. Everyone knows that this senior who has been demoted to a trial disciple for more than three years and concurrently sweeps the floor is not an easy master.So even if you don't want to, at the critical moment, the old man in the embroidered robe of the killer shrine must speak like this.