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  Retreat to the second line of defense, Tang Wulin finally saw the large-scale defense equipment. These soul guides were already prepared. Rows of defense arrays have been rapidly formed, and all personnel are all in order, and there is no panic because the abyss tide suddenly reaches level 3.The last college here in Tianding is also a woman, with a good appearance and figure, and looks soft and weak.Yang Kai shook his head and didn't answer, not to mention disturbing, but still looked at Sumu: "Teacher younger brother, I think you are also a courageous person, but why do you hesitate to do justice for heaven and benefit the village today? What's more, there is a brother who will accompany you. What are you afraid of? "Dragon rain and snow have already judged their own situation, but they can't help smiling. It's not easy to be promoted to lieutenant colonel before they are 30 years old.

  Around the strong are speechless at this moment, especially those male disciples feel Ye Chong is too shameless to pretend to be the son.8x8x华人网站The student on the right looks thin, and a pair of glasses has been put on his nose at an early age, which is somewhat bookish. In fact, he is also holding a book in his hand.Xu Lizhi sighed: "I am ashamed to see that you are all so busy. I will study hard. Anyway, one mecha can take two people, so it doesn't matter if you don't learn. "


"Come on, let's go. Just be natural. " Tang Wulin walked in the front with a smile on his face, and the others followed him. They didn't carry anything except a simple storage soul guide.This problem is doomed to be unsolvable. At least Ye Chong can't know the answer at the moment. After frowning for a moment, he no longer entangles this problem, but moves on.

The original grace night fai has lost his hands at this time, with a wry smile, "that's ok, just dislocated his arms. If there is no fighting armor, I'm afraid ... "Sima Lanxiao's voice was full of bewitch. At his proposal, the number of people on the dance floor finally increased."I see." Ye Xinglan hard nodded his head.

344. All the world is enemies.Obviously, he forgot that although the person he was facing was not the real Poseidon, he was just the successor of Poseidon and the incarnation of one of his beliefs. But he himself is not at the peak of his life, and now he has even fallen into the realm of the Emperor of Heaven. Although he is much better than the quasi-emperor, he is not the perfect Emperor of Heaven after all.

Tang Wulin sits at the back of the bus. He is near the aisle, and there is Gu Yue by the window. Generally speaking, apart from accommodation, everyone will consciously give the seat next to Tang Wulin to Gu Yue on the trip. This seems to have become a conventional situation.Who is this person? With such scheming means, it is really not to be underestimated.