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  Dragon rain and snow nodded, "yes! He is new here, and he has just finished the conferment. Now give me special training for recruits. He is a good forger. "The rest of the Ziyun mountain strong, the valley of the strong is also a face of insidious smile at the moment, to make moves together, one is one, because they all suffered a big loss in Ye Chong's hand, since there is an opportunity, it is natural to retaliate.Obviously, Ling Yue looks gentle at the moment, but the result is fooling people."You die? Get out of the way, it delayed my registration time, can you afford it? " Sima xian's eyebrows were raised, and his anger flared up. At the same time, there was a faint release of power on his body.

  Yang Kai walked into the room and took down the small package on his shoulder. This package of herbs was his own harvest in three days, so Yang Kai was not at ease until he put it down first.380zz最新网站Unexpectedly, Xie Xie's reaction was faster than she thought, and she avoided the fireball.Another hundred thousand ...


However, he still underestimates the power of the Golden Dragon Gun, and the power of this concern belongs to Tang Wulin, the Golden Dragon King.Purple stranger stood in front of Lengshan, still smiling. Lengshan's face showed a look of unnatural and disgust, and her body even could not help but tremble, but she did not dare to make any noise.

Why? Why on earth is this?The voice trembled, and the heart was obviously extremely restless.The golden light flashed, and the golden dragon gun flew back out of thin air and fell into the hands of Tang Wulin. Suddenly, a huge energy as if rivers, lakes and seas were rushing at the same time was madly injected into his body.

At the same time, Yang Kai killed two air-operated hospitals. How dare other fighters see Yang Kai being so cruel? Only the remaining three clutches are in a dilemma. While being wary of Yang Kai, they are on guard against demons, and the palms of their hands are full of sweat.Tang Wulin's own feeling is also obvious. He found that his mysterious skill converged into a small vortex in the abdomen. The appearance of this vortex will accelerate his spiritual cultivation and spiritual recovery.

Su Yan didn't say anything, just took a deep look at Yang Kai and leaned forward and returned to the room.Stay in the war zone.